Auto Spa

Autokrom – The Complete Detailing Solution

Autokrom has brought to India a range of very high quality and varied automobile detailing products under the brand umbrella of “Autokrom Autospa”. Because of its Global partnerships and the experience in sourcing the best products at competitive prices. We developed a a unique products using unique Nanotechnology based Acrylic Plexin cross linking formulations. It is an system that chemically bonds to all painted surfaces by using the elasticity of a hydrophobic film that acts as a barrier between the paint and the destructive elements faced by a vehicle.

Benefits of Autokrom autospa products:

  1. Safer and friendly chemicals– The Nanotechnology used in the manufacture of these products ensures that the chemicals are safe for use both for the vehicle as well as the applicator. They are environment friendly as they do not use wax or silicones.
  2. Ease of Application – The time required for all our treatments is much lesser compared to what is currently available in the market. A lot of our products have been formulated in such a way that they can be applied by hand and a few need simple machines like polishers.
  3. Covers entire area of a car – We have ensured that the products we have will provide protection to all parts of a car like, painted surfaces, interiors, alloy wheels, plastic surfaces, tyres, air conditioners, engine and the underbody too. In the future we will continue to add more and more exclusive products to ensure that Autokrom is the preferred Car Care provider for all customers and dealerships.
  1. Long Term protection – Our products not just make the car look good, but also provide protection for a long time. So along with beautification of the vehicle, our treatments ensure that the beauty is protected.
  2. Training Program – Our comprehensive training program for the application of the products and our training team is fully geared up to handle all the needs which might arise. There are regional technical teams to provide on the ground solutions to any issues faced.
  3. Extensive Network – Due to its presence in the OEM and Aftermarket segment, our group companies has a wide reach in terms of our own offices and distributors spread across the country, which will be able to service the dealerships with ease. We have our offices in 7 cities with over 180 team members.
  4. Certification – All our products have been tested and certified by reputed institutes in the country.