Car Wash

Car Wash


Now Sumax has brought to India a range of very high quality and varied automobile detailing and car care products under the brand umbrella of “Autokrom”.

Because of its Global partnerships and the experience in sourcing the best products at competitive prices, Sumax has sourced this range of products from the OE manufacturers who are the best in their fields. One product category under this range is for a Car Wash Program.
The key ingredients of this program are two products:

  • Autokrom Foaming Car Wash Concentrate – This is an internationally formulated Traffic Film Remover to clean vehicles completely without causing any harm to the vehicle
  • Autokrom Air Foam Gun – We have also sourced a very efficiently and ergonomically designed Air Foam Gun which is easy to handle and maximizes the foam generation


The key benefits of the Autokrom Car Wash program for your dealerships are:

  • It produces high rich foam that clings to vehicle surface in quick time and spreads evenly
  • It removes heavy layers of traffic film, grease and dirt, the lubrication in it eases off the most stubborn dirt from the paint
  • It significantly reduces the time taken for the wash compared to the traditional car wash because of its faster spreading and cleaning properties, thereby saving labour costs, which is the highest contributor to the cost of Car Wash at any dealership
  • It contains no caustic, alkali, nonyl – phenol detergents, or phosphates thereby being very safe for the paint surface
  • It has no adverse effects on rubber, plastic, glass and other surfaces
  • It provides effective & professional car wash results
  • It is safe on all types of automotive paint and causes no harm
  • It is very safe for applicators as water contact is minimal
  • It creates large amount of foam by forcing water through the nozzle to mix with Autokrom Foaming Car Wash
  • It minimizes the scrubbing needed because of the lubrication of the thick foam
  • The Air foam gun is lightweight and easy to move around with easing the movement of the applicators
  • Its simple mechanism does not need specialized training and is not skill dependent


  • Fill up about 20 – 25 ml. Autokrom Foaming Car Wash in the gun bottle
  • Fill up the rest of the bottle with clean tap water
  • Connect gun to pneumatic air line
  • Set pressure to 60-90 psi
  • Spray foam liberally on the vehicle
  • The foam acts like a sponge, drawing the dirt and gently pulling it down
  • Use a wash mitt to clean across the car surface
  • Allow to remain for 2 to 5 mins depending on the weather
  • Wash the car with clean water
  • Use appropriate brushes near beading and other edges to loosen dirt
  • Use Autokrom Tar remover to clean tar and adhesive marks
  • Use Autokrom Microfiber cloth to clean and dry surface
  • Dress up tyres and plastic parts with Rubber & Vinyl Sheen