Sumax has brought to India a range of very high quality and varied automobile detailing products under the brand umbrella of “Autokrom”. Because of its Global partnerships and the experience in sourcing the best products at competitive prices, Sumax has sourced this range of products from the OE manufacturers who are the best in their fields. All Autokrom products have been developed using unique Nanotechnology based Acrylic Plexin cross linking formulations. It is an Exterior & Interior Protection system that chemically bonds to all painted surfaces by using the elasticity of a hydrophobic film that acts as a barrier between the paint and the destructive elements faced by a vehicle.

Since sumax is already an global player , It has associated with the best of the brands in the world and few of the suppliers are from UK , USA and rest of the world.

The various treatments offered in the Autokrom range are:
Exterior treatments

  • Platinum protection
  • Gold protection
  • Silver protection

Interior treatments

  • Platinum protection
  • Gold treatment

Specialty treatments

  • Windshield water repellent protection
  • Alloy wheel protection
  • Platinum Underbody coating
  • Engine coating
  • AC protection

Platinum Protection (Exterior)
Benefits to Paint surface

  • Unique 1 Year Warranty on the protection
  • Bonds to the paint surface
  • Removes
  • Fine & Medium scratches and swirl marks
  • Oxidation
  • Stubborn stains
  • Other paint imperfections like orange peels, dust nibs, etc.
  • Protects from
  • UV Damage
  • Oxidation
  • Environmental pollution like smoke, dust etc.
  • Stays long with minimum maintenance – Use of recommended shampoo & conserver

Benefits to Tyres

  • Protects cracking and dulling
  • Produces a deep black color with a low to medium gloss
  • Gives a bright white finish to white walls and lettering

Benefits to Plastic / Vinyl Parts

  • Protects surfaces from harmful UV and environment pollution
  • Removes soil from vinyl, leather & plastic surfaces
  • Produces a natural, low gloss shine
  • Leaves a fresh, light lemon scent
  • Gold Protection (Exterior)

Benefits to Paint surface

  • Produces a lustrous, durable “wet look” finish.
  • Removes fine scratches & swirl marks
  • Protects painted surface from ultra violet light damage, oxidation,
  • environmental pollution like smoke, dust, etc
  • Enhances appearance and restores natural sheen to


  • Bumpers
  • Rubber and plastic moldings
  • Engine compartment

Silver Protection (Exterior)

  • Produces a lustrous, durable “wet look” finish.
  • Improves Gloss readings upto 94-99 degrees
  • Protects painted surface from ultra violet light damage, oxidation,
  • environmental pollution like smoke, dust, etc.
  • Enhances appearance of


  • Bumpers
  • Rubber and plastic moldings

Platinum protection (Interiors)

  • Cleans & Protects:
  • Carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Interior Vinyl
  • Leather/Fabric
  • Plastics
  • Rubber surfaces
  • Removes all dirt and restores leather seats and side padding
  • Prevents fading of Leather
  • Makes all Leather surfaces slip-proof and noiseless
  • Protects all Fabric surfaces by making them stain proof
  • Produces a true colour of leather/fabric giving a natural and rich appearance

Gold treatment (Interior)

  • Cleans & Protects:
  • Carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Interior Vinyl
  • Leather/Fabric
  • Plastics
  • Rubber surfaces
  • Removes all dirt and restores leather seats and side padding
  • Produces a true colour of leather/fabric giving a natural and rich appearance.

Windscreen Water repellant protection

  • Dramatically improves all weather visibility, safety and driving comfort.
  • Autokrom water repellent creates a super-slick, non stick coating which
  • causes rain or water to bead up for an aerodynamic run off
  • Helps during night drives – No Glare
  • Removes all hard water stains – hence improving visibility
  • Avoids future hard water mark stains for minimum of one year.
  • Disperses rain on windshield and reduces the need for wipers.
  • Keeps windshield glass clean

Alloy wheel protection

  • Protects alloy wheels from constant attack from:
  • Brake dust
  • Road salts
  • Grime
  • Only regular washing needed after Protection
  • No need for expensive alloy wheel cleaners
  • No cracking or scaling off of the Alloy coating

Platinum Underbody Coating

  • Protects underbody substrates from:
  • Environmental conditions
  • Impacts
  • Abrasions
  • Dampens sound and vibration
  • Insulates against cold and heat
  • Protects against Corrosion
  • Seals off seams
  • Hides welds, repairs & bodywork overspray

Engine Coating

  • Leaves a high, glossy, transparent surface finish
  • Excellent resistance to
  • Petrol/Diesel
  • Engine Oil
  • High Pressure water
  • Road grime
  • Avoids corrosion
  • Can be washed easily
  • Does not blister, crack, peel or yellow

AC Protection

  • Disinfects the Air conditioner ducts and improves air quality.
  • Cleanses the Air Conditioner coils and ducts
  • Disinfects the ducts and helps build mould
  • Removes all bad and foul odors from the dusts

This is the paint applied to a vehicle at the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) factory.

This is a term used to describe “refinish paints” (paints used in automotive body shops) that have not fully cured. Refinish paints are deemed fresh for a week after their application and depends on cure temperature & Relative humidity.

These refers to all automotive paints applied at the factory, and refinish paints that are more than a week old. Wax is recommended for application only to cured paints for effective protection .

Clear coat paint refers to the clear (non-pigmented) top coat paint that is applied over a colored base coat paint, and is found on most vehicles built in recent years. Clear coat paint increases the vehicle’s paint durability, gloss and resistance to harmful environmental effects. All Autokrom Car Care Products that are recommended for use on clear coat paint are clearly marked “clear coat safe.”

Single stage paint refers to the pigmented, or colored, top coat paint applied to most older vehicles and some new vehicles. Single stage paints do not have a clear top coat. Autokrom Car Car Products that are marked “clear coat safe” may also be used on single stage paints.

“New” and “like new” finishes are finishes that have maintained a brilliant, high-gloss appearance. Regular maintenance of these finishes will help to preserve that brilliant high gloss appearance.

Oxidation is the dulling and/or hazy appearance of a vehicle’s paint caused by weathering from outdoor exposure. Correction requires the removal of the oxidized layer of paint by using a cleaner wax, polish, or rubbing compound, depending on the degree or severity of the oxidation.

“Orange peel” is a term representing the texture of a painted surface that has “hills and valleys” or bumps similar to the skin of an orange. Excessive orange peel is considered a paint condition defect and can be effectively repaired using Autokrom recommended Surface refinement & protection procedures.

A swirl mark is a curved, minor scratch left in the painted surface by a rubbing compound or a wool buffing pad. Swirl marks can be removed from the paint surface by using a polish such as Autokrom Glaze it.

Polishes are specifically formulated blends of oils, solvents, water and minerals that are designed to remove minor paint surface imperfections such as fine scratches, light oxidation, water spots and swirl marks left from rubbing compounds. Polishes may , or may not, contain waxes or silicones. Autokrom polishes create a deep, rich, swirl-free finish, and can be applied either by hand or machine.

A glaze is a polish that is safe for use on fresh paints. Glazes also have varying degrees of aggressiveness. Autokrom Glazeit , used either by hand or machine, will remove minor paint surface imperfections. It should be followed either by a wax on cured paint , and its primary use is to enhance surface gloss and lustre on fresh paints.

Silicone is a chemical polymer that has excellent water repellency and a very slippery feel. Silicones are commonly used in automotive waxes to enhance the application and ease of removal, and to increase gloss and durability.

Rubbing compounds are specifically formulated suspensions of oils, solvents, water, and minerals produced in either a liquid or a paste construction. They are designed to remove paint surface imperfections such as scratches, oxidation, stains, and acid rain etching. Rubbing compounds can be applied either by hand or machine.
Recommended product Autokrom Surface refiner .

Waxes are uniquely formulated blends of wax, polymers, glossifiers and other ingredients that protect and produce a durable, ultra-high gloss finish. Waxes make it easier to clean (wash/dry) the paint surface. Some waxes also serve as polishes, and are capable of removing minor paint imperfections. These last for only few weeks.

There is no exact length of time that any wax will last. Variables such as the type, color and condition of the paint, the amount of exposure to outdoor elements, and the quality of the wax all affect how long it will last. Generally speaking, when the water beading and the finish appearance indicate that the wax is gone, you should re-apply the wax.

Car wash soaps are specially formulated to remove dirt, grime and soils commonly found on vehicle surfaces, while having a minimal or no effect on the waxed & paint surface ( Recommended PH value 7 – Neutral ). Many other soaps, such as dish washing detergents, are formulated to remove tougher soils like cooking oils and greases. These stronger soaps can attack a wax finish, reducing the overall life of the wax.

This is a term referring to Autokrom Car Care Products that do not contain ingredients which could cause surface contamination prior to painting in a body shop environment.

Shines and protects – new and like new paint finishes
Produces an exceptionally durable, ultra high gloss finish
Prevents ultra violet light damage
Protects painted surface from environmental pollution like smoke, dust, etc. and oxidation( This is recommended for new and less than 6 months old cars )

The benefits Autokrom Platinum treatments are Safely and effectively removes -medium scratches, oxidation, stubborn stains other paint imperfections like orange peels, dust nibs, etc. Produces a brilliant, lustrous, durable “ wet look” finish Protects painted surface from ultra violet light damage, oxidation, environmental pollution like smoke, dust, etc.
Also enhances appearance and restores natural sheen to -the tyres, bumpers , rubber and plastic moldings and Engine compartment. This is an advanced treatment and will last long compared to any other treatment offered in the market place.