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Electrical Contact Cleaner

AUTOKROM Electrical Contact Cleaner is a quick dry, no ozone-depleting cleaner that removes, dirt, oil, grease from sensitive equipment and precision instruments without leaving any residue This formula is safe on most plastic and is packaged in an aerosol with extension tube for hard to reach areas
Solvent type spray used for cold cleaning. Extends the operational life of the substrate, reduces downtime and helps in maintenance. Cleans dust, dirt, carbon oxide deposits, flux, rust, grease, oil and other common contaminants. Restores resistance values and electrical properties Suitable for electrical equipment and components like electric motors, contractors, relays, solenoids, carbon brushes, battery terminals, switch gears and similar electrical equipment, machinery and automobiles

550 ml

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Directions for Use:

  • Shake the can well before use
  • Spray directly onto the surface and wipe
  • Use enough material to ensure uniformity in appearance after wipe

Area of applications:
PCBs and other Electrical & Electronic parts, Ignition systems. It can also be used for Induction coils, EHT Transformers & windings, Terminal blocks, Cables, Connections, Arials, Switch-gear junction boxes and starter terminals, mould-release, battery terminals, insulator bushings

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