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Internal Panel Coating

Protective coat for inner body panels to restore and provide corrosion protection

  • Excellent corrosion inhibitor with metal adhesion properties
  • Flowable! spreads uniformly
  • Direct application to Automotive bare or primed metal
  • Applied to door skins, rocker panels, interior quarter panels, etc.,
  • May be used as an internal corrosion compound
  • Coating remains soft and pliable, will not crack, chip or peel

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Internal Panel Coating

1000 ml

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Directions for Use

  • Shake the can well before use
  • Applied through an Applicator Gun and an Application Wand
  • Excess coating may be removed with Tar and Adhesive Cleaner
  • Surface should be clean and dry before application
  • Apply a uniform coating at a distance of 10 to 12 inches from surfaces
  • For optimum protection a 4 to 5mm dry film is recommended. Usually two coats

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