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Microfiber Cloth 40 x 40 cms

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Autokrom Premium Wipe is a lint free microfiber cloth with non abrasive properties which cleans any surface with an electro static nature.

This special construction of Ultra Fine Fiber which is 300 times smaller than conventional terry cloth fiber, forces thousands of fiber points deep into the surface line, with minimum effort. These fiber points break down the heavy dirt and grease and give high gloss. They also completely eliminate cloth inflected swirl marks. The specially constructed knit fabric in the microfiber cloth gives a large surface area, allowing enormous absorption and cleaning power.

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Key Benefits :

  • Revolutionary cleaning power, cuts cleaning time by half because micro fiber is more powerful than conventional cloth
  • No need for expensive detergents, chemicals or polishes
  • Extra ordinary soft touch with luxurious, miraculous cleaning
  • Result in gleaming smear free finish. Excellent for ceramics, glass & mirrors, stainless steel, worktops, cars – these and many more applications
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight or do not put in dryer
  • Do not use bleach or softener as it breaks down the microfiber and removes static effect
  • Do not wring hard after rinsing
  • Can be hand wash or machine washed
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