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Waterless Foaming Wash

Autokrom Waterless Foaming Wash has been specifically formulated for use without any gun or foam generating lance. This product uses powerful cleansing agents to cling to the vehicle paint, emulsifying road traffic film, salts, oil and grease from vehicles as it slowly slides down the vehicle. Safe on all types of automotive paints, glass, rubber & vinyl.

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  • Shake well before use
  • Use Autokrom Tar remover and remove all tar & adhesive marks if found on the vehicle surface
  • Adjust the detergent feed according to the level of soiling of the surface to be cleaned and allow 2-3 minutes contact time. Use Autokrom wash mitt to scrub the vehicle & loosen all contaminations. Use appropriate brushes to loosen the dirt level at all corners and edges
  • Wipe with a wet microfiber cloth followed by a dry microfiber cloth


  • DANGER: Harmful or fatal if swallowed
  • Pressurized container. Keep away from children & flame
  • Do not puncture or incinerate. Avoid eye, skin contact & breathing of vapors. Provide adequate ventilation
  • If product comes in contact with eyes, clean with water immediately. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, seek medical advice (if required)
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