January 5, 2016
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January 5, 2016
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Surface Refining Compound

An effective Hi-Tech Compound that is designed to remove all the paint defects such as, minor scratches, swirls, overspray, sanding marks….etc.

  • A thick compound designed to remove paint defects
  • Removes coarse as well as fine scratches
  • Works on fresh and fully cured paint coating
  • Leaves behind a brilliant glossy surface

Treatments used in

1 Kg

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Directions for Use

  • Shake the can well before use
  • Wash car thoroughly before application
  • Apply sufficient compound to work on a 60cms x 60cms area
  • Place the pad over the compound and spread evenly before starting the machine
  • Machine speed not to exceed 2000rpm
  • Buff using light to medium pressure
  • Reduce the pressure as the compound begins to dry up
  • Spray water and wipe the surface to check if all the sanding scratches are removed. Re apply if necessary

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