Speciality Care

Windscreen Protection


Get all weather visibility, safety and driving comfort.

This treatment primarily cleanses and protects the windshields. It helps remove hard water marks and oxidation off the windshield. A fine protective layer formed through the treatment provides clear vision during nights and rains.

  • Removes glare – makes driving in the night safer
  • Removes all hard water stains and improves visibility
  • Avoids future hard water mark stains (for at least a year)
  • Disperses rain on windshield and reduces the need for wipers

Products used

Glass Polish, Glass Cleaner, Glass Protector

Alloy Wheel Protection

This treatment is designed for cleaning and protection of the alloy wheels.

One of the biggest challenges being faced is in protecting alloy wheels from brake dust and grime. This, in-turn leaves spider web cracks on the alloy wheels and cannot be repaired. The beauty and sheen of the alloy wheels is lost in the process. This application is aimed at restoring the lost sheen of the alloy wheels and also ensuring long-term protection.

  • Protects alloy wheels from constant attack from:
    • Brake dust
    • Road salts
    • Grime
  • Only regular washing needed after Protection
  • No need for expensive alloy wheel cleaners
  • No cracking or scaling off of the Alloy coating

Products used

Alloy Wheel Cleaner, Alloy Wheel Protector


Engine Coating


Superior security from engine oil, high pressure water and grime

This treatment provides a high gloss and slippery coating to the engine parts, hoses etc. The primary purpose of this treatment is to prevent the hoses and electrical wiring from getting damaged by rats – Especially beneficial for vehicles parked for a long durations.

  • Laves a high, glossy, transparent surface finish
  • Avoids corrosion
  • Easily washable
  • Does not blister, crack, peel or yellow

Engine Laquer, Multi Surface Cleaner

Headlight Restoring Compound

Bring back clarity to your headlight lenses

  • Cleans and protects headlights that have become dull, yellowed, cloudy and hazy
  • Radically Improves visibility at night
  • Instantly improves the performance of the headlight after treatment

Directions for Use


  • Shake well before use
  • Wash the headlight thoroughly before application
  • Mask the surrounding surface of the headlight
  • Use Autokrom Multi surface cleaner to clean any road grime etc.,
  • Use 3” abrasive grit – P800, P1000, P1500, P2000 on a 3” Backup Pad with Polisher
  • Sand the surface depending on the level of oxidation and yellowness
  • The final sanding has to be with our Micro-fine foam abrasive disc for fine sanding marks
  • Use a 3” wool or a foam polishing pad with Autokrom Headlight Compound and buff the headlight uniformly. Repeat the process till all the sanding marks are removed to achieve sparkling headlight


Products used

Headlight Restoring Compound


AC Treatment


This protection is designed to disinfect the Air conditioner ducts and to improve air quality

  • Cleans the Air conditioner coils and ducts
  • Disinfects the ducts and helps to stop buildup of mould
  • Removes all bad and foul odors from the ducts
  • Improves in-car air quality for the well being of driver and passengers

Products used

AC Cleaner Foam